Interested in following an issue being considered at the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC)?

  • CPUC Docket System: Docket cards are created for a proceeding handling a formal matter, such as utility applications for rate cases, CPUC rulemakings, formal investigations, formal complaints, etc. A docket of a proceeding provides general information on the proceeding, formal filings by parties, ruling and decisions issued by the CPUC, and other items. There are no docket cards for matters being handled by resolutions and advice letters.
  • Subscription Service: If you do not need immediate service of documents and/or prefer links to documents, or if you want more flexibility in selecting what you receive, you should consider the Subscription Service. With the Subscription Service, you can select an entire industry or issue.
  • Service Lists: Service lists are specific to a particular proceeding. Therefore, with service lists, you have to individually sign up for each proceeding you are interested in. If you are on a service list for a proceeding, you will receive documents in a proceeding from the parties and the CPUC on the same day the documents are filed with the CPUC. In most cases, the actual document will be attached. This can be beneficial for those involved or closely following the proceeding, but might also slow down your email, since many of the filings are large files.
  • Daily Calendar: The CPUC's Daily Calendar contains information on a variety of topics including public participation hearings and other meetings being held by the CPUC, new filings by utility companies, proposed decisions issued by the CPUC, etc.