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Find information and documents for a specific proceeding.

Subscribe to documents published for formal proceedings, resolutions, agenda related materials, and press releases. Follow a particular proceeding, industry, or type of document.

Learn how you can become a party to a proceeding, which depends on what stage the proceeding is in.

Electronic filing lets you send documents to the CPUC to be processed and included with other pleadings in formal proceedings.

Including Decisions and Proposed Decision (as well as red-lined revisions) Official CPUC-generated proceeding documents, Advice Letters, electronically filed documents, staff reports, press releases, environmental impact reports and more.

Providing financial resources to individuals and groups representing residential or small commercial electric utility customers to bring their concerns and interests during formal proceedings.

Daily calendar includes today’s events.

Processes, such as facilitation, negotiation, mediation, and/or early neutral evaluation, help customers resolve a conflict without a court or agency’s formal decision.

Find all the information you need for both new and veteran practitioners in one place.

General information and instruction on how to appeal citations.

Documents creating other requirements as they relate to practice and procedure at CPUC that are not part of the Rules of Practice and Procedure or General Orders.

Learn about hearings, events, webcasts, ordering documents, and other ways you can participate in the processes of CPUC.

General Rate Cases

General rate cases (GRCs) are proceedings used to address the costs of operating and maintaining the utility system and the allocation of those costs among customer classes.

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Hearings and other events to hear from the public on issues before the CPUC.

Learn how to follow proceedings covering issues of interest to you, including how to find CPUC documents, and information on meetings and hearings.

All formal documents must follow formatting guidelines, learn how to make sure your documents meet all the requirements.

If you have created your formal documents, the next step is to serve them on the proceeding’s service list and file them with the CPUC Docket Office.

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