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Citation Appeal Templates

Template for Notice of Appeal

Template for Privacy Notice

Template COS for E-filing

  • Resolution SU-24 - Gas Safety Enforcement in Mobilehome Parks
  • General Order 167 - Enforcement of Maintenance and Operation Standards for Electric Generating Facilities
  • Resolution ESRB-001 - Citation Procedures for the Enforcement of Safety Regulations for Jurisdictional Propane Gas Distribution System Operators
  • Resolution ALJ 274 - Regarding Enforcement of Safety Regulations for Violations by Gas Corporations, for Citations Issued Prior To 9/29/16
  • Resolution UEB-003 - Adopting a Core Transport Agent Citation Program to Enforce Compliance with Standards for Verification of Change in Provider
  • Resolution E-4195 - Supplementing and Replacing in its Entirety Resolution E‐4017, 10/5/06; Enforcing Compliance with System and Local Resource Adequacy Filing Requirements by Load Serving Entities
  • Resolution E-4550 - Re Non‐compliance with Permits to Construct and Certificates of Public Convenience and Necessity
  • Resolution E-4720 - Regarding Citations of Retail Sellers for Non‐compliance with Mandatory Filing Deadlines and Reporting Requirements of the Renewables Portfolio Standard (RPS)
  • Rulemaking (R.) 14-05-013 - Regarding the Commission’s Natural Gas and Electric Safety Citation Programs as Required by D.14‐12‐001 (for electric citations issued prior to 9/29/16
  • Rulemaking (R.) 14-05-013 - Regarding the Commission’s Natural Gas and Electric Safety Citation Programs as Required by D.16‐09‐055, as modified by D.18‐05‐023, for both electric and gas citations issued on or after 9/30/16
  • Resolution E-4887 - Revised Self‐Generation Incentive Program (SGIP) Developer Definition Pursuant to D.16‐06‐055 and the SGIP Handbook

  • Resolution UEB-001 - Enforcing Third Party Verification Requirements in Slamming Citation Program
  • Resolution SED-3 - Re: Citations Procedures for Enforcement of Safety Regulations by the Safety and Enforcement Division (SED) for Violations by Communications Facilities
  • Resolution T-17601 - Re: Citation Programs to Enforce Compliance by Telecommunications Carriers and Procedures for Appeal of Citations

  • Resolution TL-18336 - Re: Rescinding Resolution TL‐18266 and  Revising Procedures for Denying, Suspending, or Revoking the Operating Authorities of Passenger Carriers and Property Carriers on California Highway Patrol’s Recommendation
  • Resolution ALJ-187 - Citation Appeal Procedures for Household Goods Carriers, Charter Party Carriers and Passenger Stage Corporations 

Note: Appeals from the following citation program resolutions are governed by Resolution ALJ‐187:  Resolutions CE 11‐84 (charter party carriers); CE 1‐86 (passenger stage carriers and motor transportation brokers); CE 9‐86 (general freight reregulation program); CE 11‐86 (highway common carriers, cement carriers and household goods carriers), CE 4‐87 (for violations of the Highway Carriers Act, the Household Goods Carriers Act or the Charter‐Party Carriers Act); CE 10‐90 (household goods carriers and charter‐party carriers); CE 2‐92 (passenger stage corporations, charter party carriers, highway common carriers, highway permit carriers, cement carriers and household goods carriers)

  • Resolution ROSB-002 - Modified (rehearing denied) in Decision (D.) 09‐05‐020; Re:  Railroad Citation Program
  • Resolution TL-19108 - Revising and Partially Rescinding Resolution TL‐19099, 11/19/10; Regarding Permanent Revocation of a Charter Party Carrier’s Permit to Operate, or Penalty Against the Carrier
  • Resolution ST-163 - Adopting a Citation Program Regarding Enforcing Compliance of Rail Transit Agencies Operating Public Transit Rail Fixed Guideway Systems

Updated as of October 17, 2022