On April 26, 2018, the CPUC adopted a Tribal Consultation Policy to better communicate and consult with California Indian Tribes. As Governor Brown stated in Executive Order B-10-11, "the State is committed to strengthening and sustaining effective government-to-government relationships between the State and the Tribes by identifying areas of mutual concern and working to develop partnerships and consensus."

April 26, 2018: Tribal Consultation Policy Approved   

CPUC's consultation policy provides a framework to establish and maintain effective relationships with Tribes while respecting sovereignty.

The Tribal Office has established goals to address its mission statement, the office will:

  • Provide Tribes with information about our Tribal technical assistance and grants.
  • Develop mutually beneficial intergovernmental cooperation with tribal governments.
  • Consult with tribal representatives on the development of CPUC policies.
  • Provide information on hearings, proceedings and meetings affecting Tribal members.
  • Review and recommend a legislative agenda that promotes the health, safety and welfare for tribal people.
  • Work to improved relationships between CPUC and Tribal governments.

Tribal Consultation

If you are an official Tribal representative who wishes to engage in formal government-to-government Tribal consultation with the CPUC, please contact us at TribalConsultation@cupc.ca.gov.

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