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Medical Insurance (CalPERS) - The State offers its employees and their dependents a wide variety of medical plans, including HMO’s and PPO’s. For most plans, the State pays a majority of the plan premium.

Consolidated Benefits (CoBen) - This program is for designated excluded supervisory, confidential, managerial, exempt and rank and file employees in unit 2. CoBen provides a total benefit allowance, rather than specific contribution amounts for medical, dental, and vision benefits. Depending on the total cost of the plans chosen, CoBen may allow employees to receive additional taxable income each month.

Dental Insurance - The State offers its employees and their dependents a choice among several prepaid dental plans and an indemnity dental plan. The State pays all or a majority of the plan premium.

Vision Insurance – The State offers you a choice of two vision plans. The Basic Plan will be provided at no cost to you or, you can upgrade to the Premier Plan for a small monthly cost.

Life Insurance - An employer-paid Basic Group Term Life Insurance Plan is provided to active employees designated as excluded (i.e. supervisory, confidential, managerial and exempt). Employees designated supervisory and confidential have $25,000 of basic insurance coverage and those designated exempt and managerial have $50,000 coverage.

Employee Assistance Program - Provided at no charge to the employee, EAP provides a valuable resource for support and information during difficult times, as well as consultation on day-to-day concerns.

Long-Term Care Insurance (CalPERS) - This optional employee-paid insurance program provides for extended care for chronic illness, injury, or frailty of old age. Conventional medical plans do not provide for this.

Legal Services - This voluntary employee-paid program can help employees get sound advice and representation to quickly resolve legal issues.

Flexible Benefit Programs

FlexElect Reimbursement Accounts - This program lets employees set aside wages in a “reimbursement account” to pay for qualifying medical or dependent care expenses.

Flex Cash Options - If medical or dental coverage is available for you through your spouse or another source, an employee may opt to receive taxable cash in lieu of these benefits.

CoBen Cash Option -  in lieu of your state-sponsored health and/or dental benefits: if you have qualifying group health and/or dental coverage through another source, such as your spouse, you may opt to receive cash in lieu of both your health and dental coverage or for your health coverage only.

Salary Continuance and Compensation

Long-Term Disability (LTD) - LTD is obtainable to employees designated excluded (i.e. supervisory, confidential, managerial and exempt) and provides income protection insurance coverage offered through the State’s Plan which helps to replace part of an employee’s paycheck if unable to work due to an injury or illness.

Non-Industrial Disability Insurance (NDI) - This program provides up to $135.00 per week for 26 weeks during an injury or illness, is fully paid by the State, and is typically used after the employee has exhausted his/her sick leave. Employees under the State’s Annual Leave Program (ALP) receive 50%of their gross pay for the same period.

State Disability Insurance - Certain employees represented by SEIU, Local 1000 are eligible for State Disability Insurance (SDI) Benefits, which are funded by payroll deduction. State Disability Insurance replaces a portion of your wages if you cannot work because of a non-work-related illness or injury. Family leave benefits are included as well.

Workers' Compensation - This Program assists in providing both injury prevention services and in coordinating activities designed to return disabled employees to work as soon as is medically feasible.


Savings Plus Program (SPP) - This program offers a 401(k) Plan and a 457 Plan to eligible State of California employees to save pre-tax compensation to use at a later time.

CalPERS - State employee pensions are administered by the California Public Employees' Retirement System (CalPERS).


Traditional Vacation and Sick Leave - Full-time employees receive 2 weeks of vacation per year accrued at the rate of 7 hours per month. The rate increases after 3 years to 11 hours per month (3 weeks per year). Additional hours are accrued after 10, 15, 20, and 25 years of service.

Annual Leave - The annual leave program provides eligible employees a combined pool of "annual leave" credits instead of separate vacation and sick leave credits. Annual leave covers the same kinds of absences that otherwise would be covered by vacation or sick leave. 

Holidays - 14 paid holidays each year.