Who Reports Here?

This page provides information for reports submitted by power plants. Consumers should view and report outages at their utility websites.

What is Reported Here?

All fossil fuel and renewable power plants must report the following power plant outages in the PPOR:

  1. Forced outages that are 50 MWs or greater and last 24 hours or longer in duration;

  2. Planned, scheduled, or maintenance outages that are 50 MWs or greater and last 72 hours or longer in duration.

In addition to reporting outages in PPOR, continue to submit daily status reports by email as you do now. We may contact you for more information about outages and your outage reports, as needed.

Power plants can use PPOR to view their history of reported outages.

How to Report

To report an outage, plants access the PPOR portal with the username and password. Please refer to the PPOR Reporting Instructions for information on reporting an outage to the PPOR portal. 

If you are a new plant, do not have a username and password, or if you need to reset your password due to personnel changes, please contact us at GO167@cpuc.ca.gov.

When to Report

Initial Report

Submit forced outage reports within 36 hours of the start of an outage and submit planned outage reports at least 5 days before starting the outage.

Updated Report

  • Submit every 7 days after the Initial Report has been submitted, 

  • if an outage lasts 7 days or more in duration, 

  • if any information in the Initial Report has changed.

Final Report

Submit within 3 days of the outage ending if any information in the last Updated Report (or the Initial Report, if no Updated Report has been submitted) has changed.

Canceled Outage

Submit within 4 hours of the CAISO’s approval of an outage cancellation.

Outage Reporting Form SED-11-110 is No Longer Valid

The Electric Safety and Reliability Branch (ESRB) of the Safety and Enforcement Division (SED) has revised its power plant outage reporting procedures. The Power Plant Outage Reporting (PPOR) web portal will replace Outage Reporting Form SED-11-110, effective December 1, 2017. The PPOR web portal allows power plants to submit outages directly to the PPOR and view their history of the reported outages to the PPOR.