(800) - 800 Service: The ability of a caller to dial a long distance telephone number without incurring a charge for the call, which is paid for by the party offering the 800 number. Synonym: Inward WATS service.

(900) - 900 Service: Allows callers to receive information from the service provider via a recorded audio message, which can range from 60 seconds to a continuous live hookup, by calling a 900 number, usually 976. This service can also be used to enable callers to vote or "make a choice" by dialing one of two 900 numbers. 900 calls are typically billed to the caller at much higher rates than regular calls.

976 - 976 Numbers: Allows callers to listen to recorded messages such as horoscopes, 'adult' dialogue, stock market or sports reports by calling 976-xxxx. The local telephone company charges callers a fee that is split between the local telephone company and the service provider.