Electric Energy Programs For Consumers

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Low-income customers enrolled in the CARE program receive a 30-35% discount on their electric bill and a 20% discount on the gas bill.

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No-cost weatherization services and energy-efficient appliances to eligible renters and homeowners who receive electric or gas service from a California energy service provider through a residential meter.

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A state initiative to help you take action to save energy and conserve natural resources, help reduce demand on the electricity grid, and make informed energy management choices at home and work

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If your household income slightly exceeds the low-income energy program allowances, you can qualify to receive FERA discounts, which bills some of your electricity usage at a lower rate.

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Programs that provide weatherization services and cash to help low-income customers pay their energy bills through federal grants.

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If you rely on medical-related equipment, extra allowances of energy may be billed at the lowest rate through the Medical Baseline program.

Regulatory Services

Explore electrical energy financial assistance and other types of programs for residents and ratepayers.

We approve the amount that each electric company can collect from you through regulatory proceedings.

We approve the rate that your electric company charges you for electricity through ratemaking proceedings.

We regulate the necessary Electric Power Procurement and Generation by utilities in both the long and short term.

Advice Letter Process, Requirements for a new Advice Letter, Requirements for an existing Advice Letter, and more.

Learn more about programs that help you manage your energy use.

Learn how we are working to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, meet air quality standards, and achieve a carbon free grid through energy storage procurement.

Our efforts to make sure sufficient resources are available to meet California’s electricity demand in summer 2021.

We oversee electric utility infrastructure to support California’s transition to low-carbon energy infrastructure using public input, data from utilities and other regulations.

General Rate Cases

General rate cases (GRCs) are proceedings used to address the costs of operating and maintaining the utility system and the allocation of those costs among customer classes.

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The Energy Division provides technical support to the Commissioners and their offices, and the Administrative Law Judges. The Energy Division drafts resolutions for formal consideration by the Commission. Resolutions generally result from informal utility requests called Advice Letters, which are submitted by utilities to request rate and tariff adjustments.

The Energy Division through its Federal Policy and Ratemaking Section represents the Commission in Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) and court proceedings.

The Energy Division assists the Commission in its regulation of four types of Investor-Owned Utilities (IOUs): Electric, Natural Gas, Steam and Petroleum Pipeline Companies. Commission-approved tariffs (official rates and terms of service) for these four types of IOUs are maintained by the Energy Division.