Internet and Phone programs for Consumers

Mother and daughter exploring content on a mobile phone

Provides discounted home phone and cell phone services to qualified households.

School children using a computer

50% discount to qualifying K–12 schools, libraries, community colleges, government-owned hospitals and health clinics, community-based organizations, and community-based healthcare organizations.

A person using a low-vision telephone dials

Provides assistive telecommunications equipment, speech-generating devices, and relay services to consumers with hearing, vision, speech, cognitive, and mobility disabilities.

Broadband Programs

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Broadband Deployment, Affordability, and Digital Equity Programs

Worker with spool of fiber-optic cable getting ready for installment

Broadband funding opportunities for providers, local governments, and Tribal entities to provide access to areas lacking broadband service in California.

Provides grants for broadband infrastructure, public housing, adoption, Tribal technical assistance, and line extension projects and for regional consortia to facilitate broadband deployment services.

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Find information about California’s broadband data collection program and verify service availability on the California Interactive Broadband Map.

About Telecommunications

We create policies for the telecommunications industry to ensure fair, affordable universal access to necessary services; develop clear rules and regulatory tools to allow flexibility without compromising due process; remove barriers that prevent a fully competitive market, and reduce or remove burdensome regulation.

The Communications Division handles licensing, registration, and the processing tariffs of local exchange carriers, competitive local carriers, and non-dominant interexchange carriers. It also handles the registration of wireless service providers and franchising of video service providers. They track compliance with commission decisions and monitor consumer protection and service issues and Commission reliability standards for safe and adequate service. They also handle oversight and implementation of the Universal Service Programs.

The Division also reviews General Orders and policies to show the clear competitive environment and changing regulatory structure for the telecommunications industry. They handle the implementation and oversight of local competition and competitive issues. They also review, analyze, and advise on carrier-to-carrier arrangements, interconnection agreements, and competitive access issues. They respond to utility applications for mergers, divestitures, and acquisitions. They also implement Area Code Policy, equal access reform, and analysis on several resource allocation issues. They develop, advise and implement policy on 911, back-up power, and other consumer protection issues.